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It's not what you're eating, I'ts whats

Can't thank Andy enough for his professional and genuine support. I would highly recommend his approach and style of therapy, it has truly helped - a real game-changer.

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Discover the latest technique from high-performance coaching that when applied to your diet becomes a game-changer.


Andy has been treating clients with chronic food and weight issues for over 13 years, issues like binge eating and food addiction.

The Macarthur Method applies the same techniques and principles to people like you who find themselves wanting to lose a few stone or dress sizes and the results are phenomenal.

Sound familiar?

Spent a small fortune on diets,

Slimming clubs and fitness classes?

Sick and tired of your cravings

ruling your life?

Wishing you were

more motivated to exercise?

Want to learn to love your body again

and get your confidence back?


It's not what you're eating, I'ts whats

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I've been there myself I was 20 stone at my heaviest, and I know first hand the pain, guilt and shame that comes with being overweight!

I've been running a private clinic in Edinburgh for many years, and have now created a unique online weight loss programme that actually gets results using a different approach, coaching you, training your mind and giving you the tools you need to succeed on your weight loss journey.

My protocols and techniques are from the latest research in Neuro-Science and Psychology and will get to the root cause of why you overeat because once you understand why you eat, losing weight is actually simple.

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The MacArthur Method is a bespoke, flexible online programme using cutting-edge techniques from NeuroScience, hypnosis and performance coaching and it gets to the root of why you are overeating and just can't lose weight no matter how many Slimming clubs, boot camps and gyms you go to!

By combining The MacArthur Method with simple exercise and a healthy diet you will not only lose weight but change your relationship with food and exercise forever.
The programme will teach you:
  • -the reason why you overeat...it's probably deeper than you think.
  • -how to identify triggers and deal with cravings
  • -how to change your negative body image
  • -how to deal with relapse eating
  • -how to motivate yourself to exercise
  • -how to change your relationship with food
  • -why diet alone doesn't work for you
  • -and most importantly how to lose weight and keep it off.

I’m not exaggerating when I say Andy changed the course of my life. He’s a genuinely transformational therapist who has a way of getting you past whatever you need to leave behind. Andy adds a touch of magic to working with people. I can’t even begin to describe the changes in my life since I invested in myself and saw Andy. Awesome guy.



 Andy MacArthur has been helping people lose weight since 2008 using his experience as a Coach, Hypnotherapist and Addictions Counsellor. The main reason he gets lasting results with his clients is that he has been massively overweight in his life so knows firstly the pain that comes with being overweight and also how to lose and keep the weight off for good.

12+ years and 1000s of hours of 1:1 support experience
Certified coach
Certified counsellor
Trainer in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
Clinical hypnotherapist
Addictions recovery coach
Regularly supervised
Professionally insured 

    What's included?

  • Flexible live learning on zoom

  • 4 core lessons taught live

  • Weekly Q&A with Andy

  • 3 ongoing support group sessions per week

  • Daily challenges

  • Special Guests

  • Discounts on private sessions

  • And much, much more


100% of your money back if you decide it's not for you at the end of your first group session.

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It's not what you're eating, I'ts whats



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