Helping young people navigate the unique challenges that they face in today's society. Whether you experiencing crisis or simply looking for personal growth, I've been there and I can help!


High perfomance coaching, getting you where you need to be, tiny changes, remarkable effects.


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You don't have to do this alone, I've been there myself!

Are you stressed?
Do you feel lonely, angry or trapped?
Are you struggling with an addiction?

I'm 20 years sober, I've re-invented myself and I can give you the tools to do the same yourself!

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In a crisis?


Problems stacking up? anxiety, relationship difficulties, work issues, eating disorders, unresolved trauma, unhealthy behaviours, addictions…

Andy MacArthur works with young men finding life to be out of control – some have hit rock bottom – some fear that’s where they are sliding. If you are fighting daily battles, if things are disintegrating, Andy offers a way out.

He can help you put the brakes on – stabilise things – begin to move forward.

Everybody needs somebody but it can be much easier if it’s not family, friends or work colleagues.

Andy can get alongside, helping you reach a better understanding of yourself. He can offer techniques, strategies, accountability, help with the heavy stuff and guidance on the best first steps you can take…

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My approach

I offer a bespoke service from counselling and coaching through to hypnotherapy, I offer a range of different treatments designed to lift you out of your problems because everybody is different.

I have been practicing hypnotherapy and counselling for over 10 years, focusing particularly on working with young men suffering from anxiety-based conditions and addictions. Through my approaches I have been able to help many people regain control over their minds, reduce their levels of anxiety and stress, and grow from their experiences.


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